Privacy policy

Optiblok Sp. z o.o., (hereinafter referred to as Optiblok) based in Warsaw (04-087), at 20 Igańska Street (office address: Młodnicka 39A , 04-239 Warsaw) pays special attention to respecting the privacy of users visiting the website at The data collected in logs is used only for the purposes of administering the website. Optiblok does not identify website users, nor does it transmit any data contained in the logs to any third party.
Data collection
Like most websites, we also store HTTP requests directed to our server. The resources viewed are identified by URLs. The exact list of information stored in web server log files is as follows:
- The public IP address of the computer from which the request came (this can be directly the user's computer), - The name of the client's station - identification implemented by the HTTP protocol if possible, - The user name provided in the authorization process, - time of arrival of inquiry, - The first line of the HTTP request, - HTTP response code, - The number of bytes sent by the server, - URL address of a page previously visited by the user (referrer link) - in case the website was accessed through a link, - information about the user's browser, - information about errors that occurred during the execution of HTTP transactions.
The data collected are not associated with specific individuals browsing In order to ensure the highest possible quality of the site, we occasionally analyze the log files to determine: which pages are visited most often, what web browsers are used, whether the site structure is error-free, etc.
Use of data
The log files collected by us are stored indefinitely as auxiliary material for administering the service. The information contained in them is not shared with anyone other than those authorized to manage the server and the website. However, for advertising campaigns, some data may be shared with third parties. These actions are based on our legitimate interest. Log files can be used to generate statistics to help in administration, and these aggregate summaries in the form of statistics do not contain any identifying features of the individuals visiting the service.
Cookies mechanism on websitesWhat is a "cookie" file?
Cookies are individual, small text files sent by websites you visit and downloaded to your computer. The information contained in these files can only be read by the website that created them. Thus, the website cannot access other files on the user's computer.
For what purpose does the Optiblok website use cookies? 
Cookies used on the Optiblok website are used to customize and improve the way the website works.
Examples of the use of cookies on the website: - Establish, maintain and manage a user session, and store settings, - Verifying the authenticity of a browser session, - Optimize and enhance site performance.
Third-Party Cookies We use functions provided by third parties on our website, which involves the use of cookies originating from third parties.
Google Analytics We use the Google Analytics tool provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. We carry out these activities using our legitimate interest to generate statistics and conduct analyses to improve the operation of our websites.
Google Tag Manager We use the Google Tag Manager tool provided by Google LLC, located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. With Google Tag Manager, we manage our advertising campaigns and monitor how you use our websites. We carry out these actions based on our legitimate interest in promoting our products or services and optimizing the operation of our websites.
What kind of "cookies" do we use?
Two types of cookies may be used on the Optiblok website: - session - remain on the user's device until they leave the website or turn off the software (web browser) - permanent - they remain on the user's device for the time specified in the parameters of the file or until they are manually deleted by the user.
Can you opt out of accepting cookies?
The User may independently and at any time change the settings for cookies, specifying the conditions for storing and accessing by cookies to the User's device. Changing the settings, the User can do through the settings of the Internet browser or through the configuration of the service. These settings can be changed, in particular, in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the settings of the web browser or inform about each time cookies are placed on the User's device. Detailed information about the possibility and methods of handling cookies is available in the settings of your software (web browser).
Here's how you can change your web browsers settings regarding the use of cookies:
What does refusing to use cookies entail?
Without the acceptance of cookies, some features of the website may not work properly or may be unavailable because cookies allow maintaining and verifying the authenticity of the browser session, they also affect the optimization and increase the efficiency of services available on the Optiblok website.